Freedom of cultural expression

This short piece on freedom of cultural expression was reported in The Times of Malta. In 1869 John Stuart Mill adopted a utilitarian approach to the problem of authority versus liberty. In On Liberty he argued that the individual has the right to self-expression as long as they did not harm other individuals. Furthermore,… Continue reading Freedom of cultural expression

Research into intercultural managers

Between 18-20 April 2018 Aarhus University convened the Cultures of Participation conference​ which attracted over 100 practitioners and researchers from all over Europe and beyond. In order to adopt a wide-angle approach, the conference addressed 1) Participatory art & aesthetics, 2) Digital media & technology, and 3) Cultural policy & participation. The conference allowed participants to discuss… Continue reading Research into intercultural managers

Structured dialogue with the European Commission on social inclusion and the arts

Over the past decade the relationship between cultural partners in European civil society and the European Commission has developed into a Structured Dialogue as part of the developing EU agenda for culture. As part of the ongoing Structured Dialogue efforts with the European Commission  a brainstorming session on social inclusion through horizontal partnering across civil… Continue reading Structured dialogue with the European Commission on social inclusion and the arts

The Phoenician Route in the Mediterranean

At the very end of winter and therefore on the eve of spring, the scientific and technical committees of the Phoenician Route met in Selinunte, Western Sicily, welcoming the addition of a Maltese partner. Representing the cultural organisation Inizjamed, with its twenty-year history and active record in engaging and supporting intercultural exchange and dialogue in… Continue reading The Phoenician Route in the Mediterranean