Intersectional Dialogues around Cultural Policy in Malta

This article seeks to understand how social engagement and policy change
in the cultural sector in Malta can cater for the needs of various
individuals and communities, particularly minorities, based on the island.
As it contextualises local cultural policy in the broad theoretical field of
intersectionality, the article articulates a general backdrop linking
geographical and political dimensions to the cultural scene and specific
minorities in Malta. It then presents an outline of the recent National
Cultural Policy issued by the Ministry for the National Heritage, the Arts
and Local Government in 2021, giving an overview of some of the policy’s
references to social inclusion and cultural access in the work conducted
by various public stakeholders in the cultural and educational sectors.
Finally, it describes and analyses data collected from two meetings held
with various stakeholders representing different sectors in the country in
order to elicit some conclusions about the significance of socially engaged
arts, training and other perceived needs in the sector.
Keywords: cultural policy; intersectionality; socially engaged arts;
cultural stakeholders; policy recommendations

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