Diversity discussion podcast

Magħquda fid-Diversità – United in Diversity – In Vielfalt Geeint | Are we really living up to this European motto?
What’s your experience? Do you feel closer to Europe or to the country of your birth? Are we doing enough to give diversity its space? Do we need to be more inclusive?
Justine Cutajar, Teacher of Students with Special Needs
Helga Ellul, Entrepreneur and Former CEO of Playmobil Malta
Rev Dr Glen Attard, University Lecturer and Director of the Carmelite Institute Malta
Prof Joe Friggieri, University Lecturer, Author and Philosopher
Dr Karsten Xuereb
Date and Time: Wednesday 18th May at 7pm
Location: Space C, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta


German photo artist Carsten Sander captures the portraits of Europeans of different ethnicities, religions, and social backgrounds. Sander depicts celebrities, athletes, politicians, chance encounters on the street—all on equal terms, side by side.

Faces of the European Union is an impressive demonstration of European sentiment and a tribute to peaceful co-existence, tolerance and shared values. In a contemporary way, this project centers on the humanity, emotionality and visionary power of the European idea all across Europe, from Lisbon to Riga, from Dublin to Bilbao.

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