Audiovisual material

This page collects audiovisual material featuring addresses, interviews and other interventions, including lectures and seminars, related to cultural matters especially cultural tourism and sustainability.

This Youtube video captures the discussion hosted by Moore Institute Director Dan Carey exploring the topic of European Capitals of Culture: how can universities engage in practice-based arts research and teaching? What are the challenges for Capitals of Culture amidst a global pandemic? Is what we want of cities changed forever? What role do culture and the arts play in the development of local, pan-European, and international networks of solidarity? Panellists * Flora Carrijn, Provost of KU Leuven, who heads the Board of the University Network for European Capitals of Culture * Patrick Lonergan & Catherine Morris, co-editors of the University Network of European Capitals of Culture Spring 2021 special issue: European Capitals of Culture: The Art of Reimagining * Ananya Rajoo, artist from Kerala, India, and MA student (Production & Curation), NUI Galway * Sean Ryder, Head of the School for English and the Creative Arts, NUI Galway * Eithne Verling, Director of the Museum of Galway * Karsten Xuereb, who led preparations for the European Capital of Culture in Malta (2011-2017) Chair: Daniel Carey, Moore Institute The webinar also serves as a launch for the University Network of European Capitals of Culture Spring online edition “European Capitals of Culture: The Art of Reimagining” (…​ ) edited by Patrick Lonergan and Catherine Morris. This online journal takes the place of the conference that would have happened in Galway in 2020.

This set of four videos of 3-minutes each I raise some of the basic concepts and most urgent concerns in the field of tourism. The videos were developed in collaboration with the University of Malta as part of the Erasmus+ collaboration with the University of Granada, Spain and the Instituto Politecnico of Portalegre, Portugal that ran successfully from 2018 to 2020 under the project name 3Economy+ (92/100 in evaluation and marked as a Good Practice):

  1. Film tourism
  2. Cultural tourism routes
  3. Heritage & tourism
  4. Local tourism.

This 30-minute exchange in French and English with Riadh Bouslimi, a Tunisian cultural operator, highlights the current challenges for cultural policy in Tunisia, 2020.

This long exchange with Piatã Stoklos Kignel explores global challenges to sustainable tourism, 2019.

This shorter exchange of views with Piatã Stoklos Kignel addresses good and bad practices in tourism, 2019. This even shorter conversation reflects on tourism & COVID-19.

This informal TV interview identifies the main challenges of the cultural tourism route The Phoenicians’ Route, expressed during the 2019 AGM in Bari, Italy.

This Maltese TV interview updates viewers with 2021-2022 actions and plans for The Phoenicians’ Route, starting at 1:10:00.

These three long clips capture the proceedings of ROTOT, the international symposium held in Valletta in 2019 addressing The Phoenicians’ Route:

  1. Part One
  2. Part Two
  3. Part Three.

This short interview outlines the vision during preparations for the hosting of the European Capital of Culture in Malta in 2018, held in 2011.

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