Cultural policy at the European University of the Seas: University of Malta

This article looks at the recent development of cultural policy in Malta in the context of the membership of the University of Malta in the SEA-EU network. The introductory part of the narrative engages closely with preparations in joining the European Union in 2004 that included the setting up of various governance and funding institutions, those related to the European Capital of Culture in 2018, and the impact of COVID-19 on cultural practice and creative communities. This first section, which provides a critical analysis of the sector, is followed by the second, core part of the text, which reports on the various aspects of policy, higher education programmes and manifestations (through festivals, exhibitions and multi-media expressions) that relate to academics and researchers based at the University of Malta and satellite institutions.
The paper concludes that while a great deal of effort has been done on many cultural fronts, and many initiatives taken, the relationship between the University of Malta, its academic and research members, and society at large, is largely loose and project-based rather than policy-oriented.

Keywords: academic; creative; global diversity; convergence; university

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