Pandemic challenges to the cultural sector with a focus on Europe, the Mediterranean and Malta

The author asks local questions about the interdependencies of culture and the arts to the social fabric of a societies health care, social welfare, housing, the environment and education. Taking the longer view of the political and social fall-out of Covid, how can the intricacies of cultural eco-systems be supported outside of the basic economics of performance determined by tourism?
Philosophical discussions about Herbert Marcuse, Marina Garcés, Zygmunt Bauman and Italian sociologist Carlo Bordoni are embedded here within international and pan-European anxieties about political economics and the ethical sustainability of cultural arts practices and the creative industries.

The paper is part of European Capitals of Culture: The Art of Reimagining, a special issue for the University Network of European Capitals of Culture, March, 2021, edited by Patrick Lonergan & Catherine Morris

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