Why cultural policy?


I’m lactose intolerant, I like coffee, I prefer wearing cotton garments to synthetic materials and while I enjoy reading printed material to touch, hold and take handwritten notes on, I try to print as little as possible and use digital means for their convenience and contained environmental impact. If culture is a slice of life, and Raymond Williams and Stuart Hall threw the doors of its definition wide open, then my habits, that inform my attitudes and shape my character, are indicative or my own cultural policy.

In these blogs you will find reflections and inquiries that stem from personal interests and concerns. I’ve never been good at keeping a diary, and these blogs won’t try to do that. I hope they’ll raise questions, shine a spotlight on a few pressing matters in our cultural lives, and link local issues with international ones.

Malta’s my country of residence, Europe’s my area of reference, and the Mediterranean my larger neighbourhood. English will be used for the sake of convenience, while references to material in a number of languages will hopefully enrich the experience of writing these blogs for your enjoyment.

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